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The Art Of Speaking: Сonnect Powerfully And Persuade Effectively

Learn how to skillfully use words to achieve your goals, make connections and influence people around you. Gain the ability to feel comfortable and confident while communicating with any person, including your boss, partner, clients or friends. With The Art of Speaking you can do all that and so much more. Join now and make a change in the world with the power of Your words!

Author: Alexey Sobolev
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Last Update: May 2024
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Comments about the course

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    This course has truly boosted my professional confidence! I've noticed a significant improvement in my work presentations. I now handle challenging situations with ease and have become much more persuasive in meetings.

    Marc Carpenter
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Great course!👍👍👍I learned how to clearly articulate my ideas and confidently engage with clients. My ability to influence and negotiate has improved, and I've seen a tangible growth in my business.

    Erik Duncan
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Amazing🤩 The course transformed how I connect with my audience. I love simple techniques of storytelling and audience engagement, they enhanced my blog's reach and reader engagement.

    Samantha Donnelly
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Totally recommend this one! I've learned to manage my nerves and communicate more effectively, both in and out of the boardroom. My sales pitches have become more compelling, thanks to the persuasive speaking techniques

    Mary Mayer
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I signed up for the course to improve my communication skills at school and it helped me connect with my students and improve my relationships with colleagues and parents. I'm more confident and effective in all aspects of my job now. Thanks! 💗

    Diana Evans
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Course includes

56 video lessons
Unlimited time access to all course materials

Imagine Changing The World With The Sheer Power Of Your Words

The way you communicate is, without a doubt, one of the most critical skills you can possess in both your personal and professional life. Imagine delivering a speech so inspiring that it earns a resounding standing ovation from your peers and mentors alike. Picture creating a video so impactful that it goes viral, shared millions of times across social media platforms. Envision presenting an idea in the boardroom that's so groundbreaking, it revolutionizes your entire company or industry.

This course is designed to empower a wide range of individuals with the skills necessary for effective public speaking and communication in various contexts.

  • Everyday Communication: Navigate challenging situations at work, advocate for your children's rights at school, persuade your partner on significant purchases, or effectively resolve family conflicts.

  • Professionals: Speak more confidently and persuasively at job interviews, team collaborations, and business presentations.

  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: Improve interactions with your clients and partners, articulate ideas clearly, and effectively use social media for your business growth.

  • Digital Experts: Create engaging video content, webinars, live streams, and captivating social media stories in YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. It addresses the challenges of online presentation and audience engagement.

  • Bloggers: Align with your audience and overcome public speaking challenges in digital platforms. Enhance your ability to captivate and retain audience attention, crucial for your blog growth.

Why choose this course?

Let’s unlock secret techniques of oratorical mastery that are used by global politicians, public figures, opinion leaders, and great speakers. The course is authored by Alex Sobolev, a personal advisor to top executives of major international companies, specializing in the skill of influential speech.

  • Craft a dynamic self-presentation to confidently handle interviews, client meetings, and discussions with investors.
  • Engage audiences of any size with ease and poise, whether on a big stage or in a more intimate setting.
  • Learn to manage your emotions effectively, quickly overcome nervousness, and banish your fear of public speaking.
  • Speak in a way that captivates your audience, ensuring they are engaged and hanging onto every word you say.
  • Master the art of persuasive speaking to consistently influence and sway opinions in your favor.
  • Utilize storytelling, improvisation, and effective warm-up techniques to create presentations that are both captivating and memorable.
  • Skillfully address audience questions and neutralize any objections, enhancing your credibility and impact as a speaker.
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Academic plan

56 video lessons

  • Lesson 1. First steps towards a new skill that transforms life.
  • Lesson 2. Overview: 5 elements of effective communication.
Module 1. Speaking Essentials. Nonverbal Communication.
  • Lesson 1. How to make a positive first impression that lasts long.
  • Lesson 2. Pace and tone of speech.
  • Lesson 3. Pace and tone. Practical exercise.
  • Lesson 4. Intonation & how to use in communication
  • Lesson 5. Bonus. Exercise for improving your intonation.
  • Lesson 6. Body language of a confident speaker.
  • Lesson 7. Gestures: 5 basic principles of using gestures in communication.
  • Lesson 8. Practice confident body language.
Module 2. Elements Of Great Speech. What To Say To Keep People Engaged
  • Lesson 1. What makes good speech content.
  • Lesson 2. Basic principles of structuring the speech.
  • Lesson 3. Speech structure.
  • Lesson 4. The "3 YES" technique.
  • Lesson 5. The "3 YES" technique practice.
  • Lesson 6. The "We & Us" technique.
  • Lesson 7. Wow effect. Preparing the main part of your speech.
  • Lesson 8. Persuasion algorithm.
  • Lesson 9. Assembling all parts of speech in one.
  • Lesson 10. Presentation practice.
Module 3. Your audience. Contact and Engagement.
  • Lesson 1. Evolution of a beginner speaker into a professional one.
  • Lesson 2. Eye contact.
  • Lesson 3. Eye contact practice.
  • Lesson 4. Engage your audience.
  • Lesson 5. How to win any audience.
  • Lesson 6. How to deal with awkward or complicated conversations.
  • Lesson 7. How to deal with provocative questions.
Module 4. The Power Of Charisma & Personal Charm
  • Lesson 1. Speaking with energy and passion.
  • Lesson 2. Confident thinking.
  • Lesson 3. Calm your nerves before the speech.
  • Lesson 4. Creating the image of an ideal speaker.
  • Lesson 5. Emotional management.
  • Lesson 6. "Body awareness" meditation.
Module 5. Improvisation Techniques.
  • Lesson 1. Improvisation technique #1. "Nonsense Generator"
  • Lesson 2. Improvisation technique #2. Fluent Talk
  • Lesson 3. Improvisation technique #3. Changing goals of your speech
  • Lesson 4. Improvisation technique #4. "Abstract things" and "Comments"
  • Lesson 5. Use of imagery for persuasive presentations. Theory
  • Lesson 6. Use of imagery for persuasive presentations. Practice
  • Lesson 7. Storytelling
  • Lesson 8. Bonus. A perfect script of the selling story
Module 6. Psychology Of Influence.
  • Lesson 1. Persuasion and the psychology of influence
  • Lesson 2. The algorithm of persuasion
  • Lesson 3. Techniques: Frame & Visualization
  • Lesson 4. The language of profit
Module 7. Self-Presentation And Personal Brand.
  • Lesson 1. The principle of self-presentation: 5 golden rules
  • Lesson 2. Unpack your personality
  • Lesson 3. Sell yourself in 30 seconds
  • Lesson 4. Impostor syndrome
Module 8. Speaking Online.
  • Lesson 1. Difference between offline and online performances
  • Lesson 2. Fear of looking ridiculous and stupid
  • Lesson 3. Fear to be clichéd
  • Lesson 4. How to like yourself in videos?
  • Lesson 5. How to deal with negativity and talk to haters
  • Lesson 6. Steps for analysing your speech in videos
  • Lesson 7. 10 rules of engaging livestreams

Meet the course author


In 7 years of work, I personally trained over 2,000 people in the skills of influence and eloquence, and I am confident in my ability to teach absolutely anyone!

  • Certified business trainer.
  • Conducted over 1,000 presentations.
  • Author of courses on the art of oratory and public speaking.
  • Prepares politicians and business leaders for television appearances.
  • Speaker at international forums and conferences such as Soft Skill Law Academy.
  • Personal advisor to politicians and top executives of major international companies on the skill of influential speech.

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Kate Fox — Customer Happiness Manager
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