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Ouroboros: Improve Your Brain And Body

Feeling like your brain is “overloaded” with information and routine tasks? Can’t concentrate well and remember the name of the person you just met? No energy and mood for activities after a working day? Choose OUROBOROS, a powerful technique for training your brain and body. The course consists of simple 5-10 minute exercises and you can see the results already after the first day!

Author: Victoria Zimenkova
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Last Update: March 2024
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Comments about the course

  • author-pic

    Ouroboros is 100 percent beneficial for the brain. Started doing it about a month ago. With varying success, sometimes I do it. Sometimes I don't. Out of order too, from time to time. But every time I do it – my mood improves. There's a very special feeling when you do these exercises. Your brain, just like a child, keeps asking for more and more. These are the observation I wanted to share.

    Shane Daniels
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Dear Victoria, the Ouroboros system for me is about renewal and a new life. Despite the difficulty of mastering it the body began to feel invigorated, bright and less moping. My brain does not like difficulties, but the results are impressive when you start exercising. I feel better, and more productive thanks to you. I'm grateful and let me thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to your system, people can become younger, smarter, and happier.

    Shaina Newell
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Good evening, friends. I've just started the Ouroboros and I'm only at the beginning. It feels like my body is reacquainting itself with my brain. Does everyone feel it or is it just me? The body and the brain are working properly. I will definitely move forward with the plan. I feel that this decision will radically change my life.

    Florence Marshall
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Good evening! Victoria, I am here to confess. I've mastered the first level and now I'm mentally drawing in my head with my eyes closed while humming a song. I'm doing it for my own pleasure! My body was telling me how to do it easier and properly. The beautiful technique really charges you with positivity, mood, and laughter. Sincerely grateful! One can feel your contribution and full dedication, to what you share with the world! Youareamazing!

    Agnes Boyd
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Emotions are overwhelming, it is great. I'm not a master yet, but it feels great!

    Nicolette Adams
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I'm falling in love with this course! I feel the circulation of blood throughout the body! I plan to do it more often! The marathon is great!

    Irma Delaney
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Course includes

18 video lessons
Unlimited time access to all course materials

Develop Your Concentration, Memory and Creativity

Did you know that we use their brain only at 10%? And even this amount isn’t used at full power! We often forget the numbers, can’t concentrate while working and switch between tasks slowly… So this course will change it! Join us, if you want to:

  • Be active during the day: be less tired and work more efficiently
  • Remember numbers, names and big amount of information easily
  • Forge new neural connections and have a youthful, active brain
  • Sharpen concentration and accelerate decision-making.
  • Become stronger, more flexible and emotionally balanced
  • Experience improved movement coordination, perfect posture, and fortified joints

Get ready to think outside the box and elevate your speed of thought, effortlessly acquiring new skills!

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the limitless potential of your mind and body. Embrace vitality, clarity, and boundless possibilities – because the best version of yourself awaits!"

Combine the Best Techniques to Boost Your Brain and Body

Ouroboros is the author's latest technique, inspired by ancient Taoist practices and cutting-edge neurobiology research. Through intricate, coordinated movements, our system unlocks a new level of quality and effectiveness for both your brain and body. Just 15 minutes of practice will bring your brain new neural connections, enhancing memory retention and sharpening cognitive abilities. It means: increased productivity, good memory, positivity and feeling energized during the whole day!

Sounds interesting? Then you certainly need to try it! Join the course and start your journey to a brighter, happier and more energized you today!

Why choose this course?

With these simple exercises, your mind will reach new heights you never thought possible. It will activate your brain and your concentration will improve significantly. It means: you can make more during the day and use your brain at 100%!

For this course no prior training or equipment required – Ouroboros welcomes all, regardless of age or physical condition. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner, our system empowers you to embark on your journey to transformation without barriers.

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Academic plan

18 video lessons

Lesson 1. What is Ouroboros? Modern ways to improve the body and mind. Based on ancient Taoist practices and the latest research by neurobiologists.

In Lesson 1 we’ll delve into the essence of what Ouroboros is, how it functions to elevate practitioners to new heights of physical and mental prowess. You will understand how Ouroboros is meticulously designed to harmonize the body and mind, unleashing a cascade of benefits that extend far beyond traditional exercise routines.

By understanding its purpose, embracing the unconventional, and mastering basic movements, you'll unlock the door to a world of boundless potential and transformation. Let's begin your Ouroboros adventure together!

Lesson 2. First level

In this lesson you get the list of the exercises you will learn during our course. Are you ready to discover the magic?😉

Lesson 3. The movement sequence that is the key to a young, developing brain and a strong body.

Today our topic is the transformative movement sequence that unlocks the secrets to a youthful, agile mind and a robust, resilient body. With the exercise from Lesson 3, you’ll experience the profound impact of seemingly simple movements that yield profound changes in both body and brain and understand how these movements create a ripple effect, triggering complex adaptations that strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and enhance brain function.

Lesson 4. How to perform asynchronous hand movements. How to teach the body to move in a new way.

The most detailed instructions for the new, unfamiliar movements.

We will explain the complex mathematical formula of the entire Ouroboros system through simple actions that we will perform on a daily basis.

Today we are going to learn hand positions. Since the leading hand is mostly the right one, we will train the left hand to be the dominant one. It helps to balance the work of both hemispheres. It forces the brain to work and develop, to improve weak connections by strengthening them. In order to do that we need to improve the actions, we do with our left hand. We will need to brush our teeth with the left hand, draw with the left hand, etc. The video goes in slow motion so that you can understand very clearly how the hands go crosswise, during the whole practice.

A detailed explanation is in the attached text file which is provided.

Lesson 5. Vertical level. Movements 5 through 8.

Today we're going to try to combine left arm and left leg movements, then left arm and right leg, and do them asynchronously. These movements are unusual and unaccustomed to the brain, subsequently causing it to work more actively. Thus forming new neural connections.

Begin the practice by standing on one foot in order to balance and improve the coordination.

Lesson 6. Vertical level. Movements 9 through 12.

Today we start working with the right arm and the left leg. After that, the right arm and the right leg. We continue to work with movements unfamiliar to the brain, which will strengthen new neural connections. The muscles in the legs and buttocks get tighter. The joints of the arms and legs are getting stronger.

Let's move on to the last third cycle - working with two hands and each leg one after one.

Lesson 7. Vertical level. Movements 13 through 16.

Today, we will work with two hands and the left leg, which also consists of four movements that you must learn and do smoothly, without stuttering, almost on an automatic level. It will improve your balancing and brain function. It is necessary to make sure the movements are smooth and beautiful. The body is cleared, and the tension goes out of the muscles.

Lesson 8. Vertical level. Movements 17 to 20

Today we are completing our work on the vertical plane, doing the movements with both hands and the right foot. We are acquiring the skill of learning movements more quicker.

Lesson 9. Horizontal level. Movements 1 through 4.

Today we begin the Ouroboros movement in the horizontal plane, following the same algorithm as in the vertical plane. We begin with a movement with the hands. These are four movements - one hand, the other hand, and two hands in the parallel and asynchronous ways. Note that the leading hand is still the left one.

We are continuing to improve and balance the work of both hemispheres of the brain. It is important to develop your spatial thinkingby visualizing the horizontal plane clearly. You can do this practice with your eyes closed, while imagining the table you are wiping with your hands. It helps to develop your visualization skill, imagination, and creativity.

Lesson 10. Horizontal level. Movements 5 through 8.

Today we start the movements with the left hand and left foot, then with the left hand and right foot in the horizontal plane. We also practice doing it asynchronously.

We make the brain work actively by doingunusual movements. It also helps toimprove and strengthen neural connections. We will also learn how to balance steadily on one leg and improve coordination of movements.

Lesson 11. Horizontal level. Movements 9 through 12.

In this lesson we will focus on refining balance and coordination through a series of dynamic movements on the horizontal plane. We will learn the art of balancing on one foot, a fundamental skill for enhancing stability and control. As we progress through the movements, our focus shifts to refining our ability to balance while properly positioning ourselves. With each repetition, we hone our coordination of movements, fostering a seamless connection between mind and body.

Lesson 12. Horizontal level. Movements 13 through 16.

Let's move on to practicing with two hands and the left foot in the horizontal plane. The practice also consists of four movements, which now, after the vertical plane, are already much easier to learn and do. Our brain begins to think better and faster: daily practice has noticeably improved brain function.

Watch the smoothness of movements and the beauty of their performance. Learn how to control the tension and relaxation of muscles.

Lesson 13. Horizontal level. Movements 17 through 20.

Today we are completing our work on the horizontal plane, doing a movement with two hands and the right foot in the horizontal plane

Lesson 14. Sagittal level. Movements 1 through 4.

Let's move on to the last block: the sagittal plane. This is the final plane of the 1st level. All movements are done forward-up-downwards. As if you were washing a thick door on both sides, facing the edge in front of you.

We work the shoulder joints properly and therefore the blood vessels in the neck begin to work as well.

Lesson 15. Sagittal level. Movements 5 through 8.

Today we start doing the left and right legs, one after another. Firstly, the left foot repeats the movements of the left arm, then goes asynchronously with them. The right leg mirrors the left arm asynchronously, and then repeats the left arm movements.

Lesson 16. Sagittal level. Movements 9 through 12.

Today, the right hand makes movements simultaneously with the left leg, then with the right in the same way.

We will learn how to make asynchronous movements, develop the skill of balancing on one leg, strengthen gluteal muscles and tighten the abdomen.

Lesson 17. Sagittal level. Movements 13 through 16.

Let's move on to the final stage - parallel and asynchronous movements, with both hands and left foot. These are the most difficult movements in the entire practice. But there's a reason we're going from simple to complex. These are the most unusual movements for the brain, because you still have to take into account that the left hand is moving away from yourself, and the right hand is moving toward you. These are the ones that will help you energize your brain on and make it work again, because the brain is improving betterwhile doing this kind of exercises.

Lesson 18. Sagittal level. Movements 17 to 20.

Today we do the final movements of the 1st level in the sagittal plane. The right hand performs Ouroboros movements with the right foot. As it was already mentioned, the hands in the sagittal plane move constantly: the left hand goes from yourself and the right hand goes toward yourself. The same with the feet. The left foot goes to the left - from yourself, and the right foot to the left - to yourself.

Lesson 19. 1-Level Ouroboros.

This is the demonstration of what level 1 of Ouroboros looks like in its entirety. You can practice with this video, after mastering the individual movements. The practice of Level 1 takes only 12 minutes. It can be done only during the morning or morning AND evening. If you do the practice in the morning - it energizes you for the whole day, and if you do it in the evening - excellent restful sleep. It is also a meditation that helps to clear the mind and consciousness.

Meet the course author


After hitting 35, I noticed my memory slipping, making it challenging to keep up with the demands of my work. Despite trying everything from vitamin supplements to brain-boosting foods, nothing seemed to make a lasting difference.

That's when I took matters into my own hands. Through countless workshops for both children and adults, I discovered effective strategies to combat age-related brain changes and slow down the aging process.

Now, thousands have joined me on this journey through my online courseы, and the results speak for themselves. Increased focus, sharper memory, and a brain that operates at lightning speed. It's as if their true potential has finally been unleashed!

Don't let age hold you back.

Join us and unlock the full power of your mind! Your transformation starts now!

Warm regards, Victoria💖

If after 14 days, you still aren't happy, no worries. We still will refund the price of the course no questions asked. Drop us an email to support at hello@newmindstart.com

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For how long do I have access to the course?
You have unlimited time access to the course. You can take the course at your convenience, at your own pace.
When does the course start?
After you pay and sign up you will receive an email link witn an access password to your personal cabinet where all course materials are already in place.
How do I get access to the course?
To access the course you have to make a payment and give your email address, to which you will receive an email with a link and a password.
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You can pay for the course using any Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron cards.
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Yes. In that case, when you register for the course please provide us with the email address of the person you want to receive the gift, and you will receive an authorization letter and access to your personal account.
If I don't like the course, can I get my money back?
Yes, you can. You do not run any risks. If the course doesn't meet your expectations within the first 14 days of purchase, we'll give you a full refund on your card, no questions asked. Just email our support at hello@newmindstart.com
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Kate Fox — Customer Happiness Manager
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