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Feel the Body: Techniques of Thai Massage

Have you heard about Thai therapeutic massage? It's seriously amazing! This whole thing is about getting your body and mind totally relaxed. It's like a journey to complete relaxation, where all those emotional, physical, and even energetic blocks just melt away. You don't need any fancy equipment or tons of knowledge to learn it. The course author is a master of massage practices with 10 years of experience, so time for you to get this knowledge!

Author: Natalia Sheina
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Last Update: May 2024
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Comments about the course

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    This course is amazing! I learned so much about Thai massage and how to use it to restore someone's physical and emotional state. The lessons were well-structured, and I loved how the instructor explained the anatomical features for best results.

    Blimy Gallagher
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I'm so happy I took this course! It helped me to gain new skill and oh, Lord almighty my husband is even more happy than I am : ) He is the first beneficiary of this course knowledge.

    Sofia Carpenter
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I've been using the massage techniques I learned in this course on my clients, and they have all been amazed. The course really helped me to master massage practices for professional use. I can vary techniques and fuse Thai massage specials to classic massage I practice.

    Athena Hammond
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I've always been interested in massage, and this course exceeded my expectations. I loved learning how to read the emotional state of a person through massage and how to make them feel better both physically and on emotional state through bodywork.

    Rivky Lake
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    This course is a must-take for anyone interested in massage. I was able to immerse myself in bodily practices and gain understanding of unconventional (for western massage practice) methods of work. It was truly a transformative experience.

    Sabrina Hilton
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    The teacher is fantastic! She explains everything so clearly and makes the course engaging and fun. I loved learning how to develop my sensory abilities and use massage to restore someone's physical and emotional state.

    Athena Gleason
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their massage skills. The lessons are easy to follow, and the instructor does a great job of explaining the anatomical features for best results.

    Bianca Glenn
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I learned so much about massage and how to use it to help others. This course helped me to develop my skills and become more confident in my ability to restore someone's physical and emotional state through bodywork.

    Christina Goff
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    The massage techniques I learned in this course have been a game-changer for me. I've been able to use them to help my clients relax and feel more at ease. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to master massage practices or learn something new in general.

    Arianna Davenport
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    This course was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to learn thai massage without going to Thailand and this course has delivered. The instructor was great, and the lessons were easy to follow. I highly recommend it - totally worth the money!

    Elena Clements
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Course includes

27 video lessons
Unlimited time access to all course materials

Make First Steps For Your Relaxed Body / Relax and Say Goodbye To Your Body Blocks

This course is a masterpiece of Thai massage, so join it and get ready to participate in an adventure where body and soul unite through the magic of bodywork. We're taking it to the next level by tapping into the emotional power of massage vibes.

  • Master massage practices for personal or professional use
  • Restore both body and soul with the magical bodywork
  • Dive deep into anatomy for the best massage results
  • Connect with people on an emotional level through the power of massage vibes
  • Explore the wonders of bodywork to enhance your self-awareness and your connections with those you adore
  • Develop the sensory abilities to build deep and trusting relationship as a couple

Why choose this course?

This course includes the most effective field-tested Thai massage techniques aimed at healing the body, relieving muscle fatigue, stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems. They can be used both personally and for maximum relaxation of the partner's body, reducing stress, and deeply working through energetic blocks and contractions.

Video lessons are designed for easy and very visual explanations of massage techniques for each part of the body with emphasis on correctness of execution. Not only for deep relaxation but also for restoring microcirculation of blood and establishing exchange processes throughout the body.

The author will also discuss how to work with biologically active points, the impact on which contributes to the elimination of headaches, increasing vitality, and improving well-being. They will share techniques that will help you tune in to the person's body, their breathing rhythm, and energy flows, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of massage therapy.

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Academic plan

27 video lessons

  • Lesson 1. Getting to know me
  • Lesson 2. 40 minute complex
  • Lesson 3. Course goals
  • Lesson 4. Safety regulations
  • Lesson 5. What is the difference between Thai massage and classical massage?
  • Lesson 6. The list of everything you need for Thai massage
  • Lesson 7. Basic principles of Thai massage
  • Lesson 1. Greetings
  • Lesson 2. Feet on feet
  • Lesson 3. Vibration
  • Lesson 4. Feet prominence
  • Lesson 5. Back relaxation
  • Lesson 6. Elbow work
  • Lesson 7. Stretching
  • Lesson 1. Introduction of Nadezhda
  • Lesson 2. Foot and "Snail"
  • Lesson 3. Calves and thighs
  • Lesson 4. Exercise "Corner"
  • Lesson 5. Hip joint
  • Lesson 1. I introduse you my friend Olga
  • Lesson 2. Buttocks
  • Lesson 3. Shoulder joint
  • Lesson 4. Hand massage
  • Lesson 1. Transition
  • Lesson 2. We stretch our shoulders
  • Lesson 3. Neck and head
Module 6. THE FINAL
  • Lesson 1. Parting words

Meet the course author


My name is Nataliya Sheina, I am a Thai massage master, a traveler, and a very curious person. Since 2013 I have been actively practicing Thai massage.

My teachers were masters from Russia, Europe, and Thailand. 50+ people went through the same master class live. Every person who comes to me, I adjust to a lifestyle where self-care is the norm. Thanks to the massage, you can feel the moment, and catch the state of the here and now.

Certified master of Thai Massage school of Chang Mai, completed a training course under the guidance of Pavel Yanishevsky in September 2013.

In March 2015 studied the course "Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage" with Yulia Rylkova at Metta School in Moscow.

In February 2018, I went to the famous Thai master Dr.Pichest Boonthumme in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In April 2018 training "Biomechanical taping from Dynamic Tape" with an instructor Shcheglova Delay.

In April 2019 author's online course "Face taping" by the Beauty in Coach Academy.

In April 2020 received several certificates from the Udemy online academy on Cupping Therapy, Kinesio Taping for Massage Therapists, Thai Reflex Foot Massage, Thai Reflex Hand Massage by Mark Perren-Jones, and Acupressure for Healing " by Jacob Bargak.

From September to May 2021 completed 3 courses of Micro Kinesiotherapy with Dmitry Morozov.

Reiki master of the 1st degree.

I have been interested in massage since childhood and spent more than 3 years in Asian countries. I regularly try various massages and other healing techniques, study literature in the field of neurobiology, anatomy, and psychology, and work with the subconscious, MasterKit, and Human Design.

I have hundreds of satisfied clients, as well as several successfully held group and individual master classes in Sochi, Moscow, and Goa.

In 2018, I created my author's master class. This is a ready-made massage complex for relaxing and working out the whole body. By the end of 2021, 50 people completed it live, now more people have the opportunity to practice this complex thanks to the video course.

In the winter of 2019, she began to conduct workshops in English.

Conducted an open master class on Thai massage at the first festival of a modern urban environment in Sochi - Scapp Sochi fest in May 2016 and annually took part in Krasnaya Polyana Local Market in 2018-2020.

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Kate Fox — Customer Happiness Manager
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