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Dance Therapy “7 CHAKRAS” — Dance & Heal

Is it possible to heal energy centers through spontaneous movements? Yes, it is! In this course you can learn how to unblock and balance 7 chakras through dance therapy, express yourself, release stress and negative thoughts. This course is not about choreography or dance techniques — “7 Chakras” is created to unlock the healing power of spontaneous movement and set your beautiful self free. IMPORTANT! In our course there will be NOT video with the exact movement, only video with explanation of each chakra and a music playlist with my voice guiding.

Author: Anna Trish
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Last Update: April 2024
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Comments about the course

  • author-pic

    This is a truly unique course for everyone who loves dancing and mental health practices. I do it once or twice a month to restore inner balance and keep moving to my goals.

    Kylie Kenney
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    The course is mind-blowing! I’m not a dancer at all but when I started 7 chakras, I was amazed to see that movements are born from the inside. You don’t need to learn choreo to move beautifully – it happens naturally. It helps me release stress, move freely without fear or shame and build self-esteem. 100% recommend!

    Tess Ball
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I didn’t expect much from this course, but it turned out to be totally amazing! I have no words to describe this experience – every practice brings new insights and opens new horizons. It’s stress relieving, fulfilling and empowering.

    Brandy Crabtree
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Thank you soooo much for this course! I always thought that healing through dance is questionable. It’s good enough to relieve stress and that’s it. But this course is so much more than that. It’s insightful and deep, and you can use it to find answers to your questions.

    Leola Landry
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    The course is a very nice way of taking care of yourself! I feel relieved and energized after each practice, it’s similar to yoga practice but it’s more dynamic and energizing.

    Melina Crowe
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    For me, it’s a perfect addition to my morning routine. I start my day with either morning yoga practice or 7 chakras dance and I looove it!

    Sara Caldwell
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    What I like about this course is that you don’t need to be a dancer. I just moved spontaneously following the music and Anna’s recommendations. Simple, fulfilling, revitalizing… Thanks!!!

    Etty Buckley
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    Namaste! I’m a yogini, got this course as a gift from a friend, and I’m endlessly grateful for it. It is such a beautiful practice, filled with love, care and healing energy. Dance therapy helped me release energy blocks that I thought I never had.

    Kylie Lynch
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I’m not super excited about the course but it’s a good practice to release negative emotions. It helped me deal with anger.

    Zara Frye
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • author-pic

    I like dancing but I never thought that dance can be used to balance energy centers. It’s a brand new experience for me. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Hannah Springer
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Course includes

8 video lessons
Unlimited time access to all course materials

What Can You Learn in This Exclusive Course?

  • Understand the basic functions and purpose of each chakra
  • Unblock & balance 7 energy centers, refill your internal resource
  • Discover your own unique way of dancing and moving
  • Connect with your internal source through movements
  • Move and release stress, tension and destructive emotions
  • Improve general well-being
  • Restore self-confidence, find inner support
  • Awaken your sexuality and passion
  • Release your hidden potential and creativity
  • Find strength and inspiration to live the life you want to

No dance training is required. All movements are spontaneous, born naturally within your body. There are no right or wrong movements, there are those that the body wants to express. Let’s find out what your day will be like, if you add a bit of dance to it? Morning, day or night dance is always on time!

Why choose this course?

The main goal of this course is to release negative emotions through dance and recharge your inner batteries, feel the joy of free, spontaneous movement. You will love “7 Chakras” if you’re looking to:

  • Instantly improve your emotional state
  • Learn how to move freely, spontaneously
  • Destroy your fear to express yourself
  • Get out of negative thoughts through movements
  • Short classes, no more than 20 minutes a day Develop your creativity and improve your imagination

In this course we’ll dive into Eastern philosophy and learn basic concepts of 7 energy centers. These centers are lined up along the human spine and called chakras, and each of them is responsible for certain qualities and life benefits.

During each lesson of the course, you will dance to heal and balance one chakra and thus unlock all the benefits associated with it. During every lesson you will understand the basic functions and purpose of a certain chakra, discover new properties and focus on a new area of your body.

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Academic plan

8 video lessons


The concept of “chakra”. Explaining dance therapy, guidelines for the course.

Lesson 1. Muladhara Chakra

Dance therapy for the very first and most important energy center, where all energy is accumulated.

Lesson 2. Svadhishthana Chakra

Dance therapy for the sacred energy center, responsible for sensuality and passion, reproductive organs, fertility, sexuality and creativity.

Lesson 3. Manipura Chakra

Dance therapy for the third energy center responsible for self-confidence, optimism, success and willpower.

Lesson 4. Anahata Chakra

Dance therapy for the fourth chakra, the heart center, responsible for emotional freedom, love, kindness, compassion and mercy.

Lesson 5. Vishudha Chakra

Dance therapy for the fifth energy center, the throat chakra responsible for communication, interaction with other people, social acceptance and the ability to manifest oneself.

Lesson 6. Ajna Chakra

Dance therapy for the sixth chakra known as the “third eye”, which is responsible for spirituality, inspiration and intuition of a person.

Lesson 7. Sahasrara Chakra

Dance therapy for the seventh energy center responsible for deep spiritual knowledge, awareness, finding one's destiny, and connection with the Higher Power.

Meet the course author


“Feel the healing power of dance and spontaneous movement and balance your energy centers in a beautiful, safe and pleasant manner”.

  • Author of the “Dance Yourself” launched in 2015
  • Dance therapist with over 1,000 hours of online and offline classes for group and individual dance therapy sessions
  • Instructor at spiritual festivals like “MandalaFest”, “AsanaFest”, “EcstaticFestival”
  • Speaker at the Forum of Integral Dance and Movement Therapy
  • Workshop organizer in Estonia, Spain, India, Russia

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You have unlimited time access to the course. You can take the course at your convenience, at your own pace.
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After you pay and sign up you will receive an email link witn an access password to your personal cabinet where all course materials are already in place.
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Yes. In that case, when you register for the course please provide us with the email address of the person you want to receive the gift, and you will receive an authorization letter and access to your personal account.
If I don't like the course, can I get my money back?
Yes, you can. You do not run any risks. If the course doesn't meet your expectations within the first 14 days of purchase, we'll give you a full refund on your card, no questions asked. Just email our support at hello@newmindstart.com
Kate Fox — Customer Happiness Manager
Kate Fox — Customer Happiness Manager
Our care and customer support team is ready to help at any time. If you have any questions, just email hello@newmindstart.com
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